KEHATI Award VIII: Biodiversity for nation prosperity (

The eighth edition of the KEHATI Award was held on January 28th in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was coordinated by the fund's executive director, Mr. Muhammad Senang Sembiring and supported by Chevron Corporation, Bank Negara Indonesia, The Body Shop, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Chandra Asdri Petrochemical, among others. 

The prize is awarded to individual or community group who provides inspiration to the country, supporting efforts in conserving and sustainable utilization of biodiversity. Its main goals are: to increase the importance of biodiversity, conservation and sustainable utilization, as well as the distribution of benefits which is based on fairness; Fostering and encouraging interest from all parts of Indonesia to take part in conservation efforts to preserve biodiversity; honour the spirit and give tribute to those who have acted in a variety of activities to support conservation.


The award has been provided by The Indonesian Biodiversity Conservation Trust Fund / Yayasan KEHATI (KEHATI) - a Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA) member - since 2000, in line with United Nations' Decade on Biodiversity mandate, which requires that understanding on the importance of biodiversity be the focus of all nation's components. UN Decade has declared that the period between 2011-2020 is the period to ensure that biodiversity becomes the main theme in every dimensions of all countries, and to ensure the application of the three main goals of Convention on Biodiversity; conservation of biological diversity (or biodiversity); sustainable use of its components; and fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from genetic resources.  

Since early 2000's, the KEHATI Award has been granted to 35 winners, both for individual and community groups. For this year, there were six categories (local community groups, public service bodies/local government, private companies, academia/research institutions, journalists/media and students).

The winners for KEHATI Award VIII 2015 were:

  1. Prakarsa Lestari KEHATI Award: Mr. Aziil Anwar - from Majene, Sulawesi
  2. Pendorong Lestari KEHATI Award: Mr. Januminro - from Palangkaraya,Kalimantan
  3. Peduli Lestari KEHATI Award: CV Arum Ayu - from South Tangerang, WestJava
  4. Cipta Lestari KEHATI Award: Mr. Prof DR A Subagio - from Jember, East Java
  5. Citra Lestari KEHATI Award: Augustinus Sasundu - from Sangihe, North Sulawesi
  6. Tunas Lestari KEHATI Award: KESEMAT Group - from Semarang, Central Java


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